I offer a range of services including fantasy, role-play and mild S&M scenarios. Sensual dominance is my style! I have a variety of wigs, pvc, leather etc. that along with my large collection of bright and black lingerie...I LOVE TO WEAR! I place a strong value on enjoyment in my life and I bring a playful & open-minded attitude to all of my encounters. The most popular experience I offer is the faux girlfriend experience. The best ever NO GREIF girlfriend you've ever had. A 'real' girlfriend experience would be tired and include too much nagging :) I wouldn't dare! I'm your fantasy girlfriend strings attached!! If you are blank for requests or ideas about how you'd like to spend our time together let my creative mind and love of lingerie stimulate you!! Let my ability to know without being told or use my knowledge accompanied by my attention to detail to create an experience for you that will shed layers of stress and unnamed tensions. Let me lavish my attention on you. My skilled touch and warm heart will have you feeling rejuvenated physically and encouraged emotionally as you go back out into the world from the exotic oasis of Katie. For more exact details of the services I offer and what is on the all-inclusive menu, please send me a text or email or ring me up directly. I'll be happy to discuss how we might enjoy an afternoon or evening together. *Reminder blocked calls will be ignored*