About Me

As a classically trained dancer I have benefited from the disciplines of choreographed movement and so has my firm and flexible body.  I weigh in at 140lbs with a 36B/27/37 all natural physique. standing 5'8" in my stocking feet I become over 6 feet tall when I slip on my stilettos. I'm in my early 40's and having the time of my life!  Happy, healthy, and looking amazing, I credit great genetics and an optimistic

disposition. I am an excellent conversationalist, I love to laugh, but equally enjoy delving into deeper, more intimate conversations. My life experiences coupled with my engaging personality make me a perfect dinner or travel companion. I love to travel and have travelled enough to know I want to see and experience more! I believe life is enriched by meeting new people, embracing change and cultivating exciting experiences. Hence, nothing I do is ever routine or mundane! If you choose to meet...you will know, that our time together is ONE OF  A KIND!!